Summer Solstice Mala

$ 120.00

Description: Alternating 8mm Red Botswana Agate and 6mm faceted White Agate beads with two, 10x14mm oval Carnelian beads framed with 4mm bicone Swarovski crystals at the quarter and three quarter points of the mala. Two, 8mm Red Botswana Agate beads function as the guru for this hand-knotted mala design, and a soft salmon colored sutra and tassel bring this design full circle. This mala measures 22" from the top bead to the tassel tip.  

Intention: Celebrate the light and warmth of summer with this fiery mala design. Red Botswana Agate, also known as "the warrior's stone" offers wisdom, confidence, courage, and stability to your practice. White Agate is a calming stone that fosters intuition, peace, and ease. Set your practice ablaze, no matter what the season, with this bold and beautiful mala.

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