Iolite, Druzy Agate, and Lavender Amethyst Mala

$ 120.00

Description: 8mm Druzy Agate and Lavender Amethyst; 6mm Iolite beads with 15x30mm oval Chevron Amethyst guru and purple variegated sutra and tassel. This hand-knotted mala measures 23" from the top bead to the tassel tip.  

Intention: Prepare to dive deeply into your practice with this stunning mala design. Iolite, also known as "Water Sapphire" due to its rainwater gray/violet color, fosters creativity, imagination, and investigating beyond the surface of things. Druzy Agate promotes peace, confidence, harmony, and spiritual growth. Lavender Amethyst, also known as the "Stone of Wisdom," cultivates focus, awareness, clarity, and understanding. Chevron Amethyst helps cope with tension and stress and fosters smooth transitions and transformations. May this beautiful mala benefit your personal meditation and wellness practices. 

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