Heart and Soul Mala

$ 120.00

Description: 8mm Black Line Agate, Moonstone, matte Onyx, faceted rondelle White Agate framed with 4mm matte Onyx; 6mm faceted Onyx, star-cut Quartz Crystal, matte Quartz Crystal; two oval black wooden beads mark the quarter and three-quarter mark of this design, framed with 4mm Moonstone beads. An asymmetrical black wooden guru bead  brings this design full circle with a soft silver sutra and tassel. This hand-knotted mala measures 24” from the top bead to the tassel tip.  

Intention:  This eclectic, elegant mala supports new beginnings and creative endeavors. Onyx is grounding and stabilizing; Moonstone fosters intuition; Quartz Crystal represents universal love and compassion; Agate amplifies strength, courage, and clarity.  

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