Kyanite and Prehnite Mala

$ 95.00

8x6 oval Kyanite, 6mm Prehnite, 6mm Moonstone beads (framed with 4mm silver Swarovski crystals at the quarter, mid-point, and three-quarter mark of the mala. The Moonstone/Swarovski unit at the mid-point acts as a single counter bead in this design. A 14mm carved light green Jade guru brings this elegant design full circle. This knotted mala measures 22.5" from the top bead to the navy blue tassel tip.
 Intention:  Align all chakras; amplify intuition, connection, and communication; enhance spiritual growth, unconditional love, good fortune, tranquility, and healing. Both grounding and energizing, this exquisite design is ideal for meditation practices.  

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