Dragon Blood Jasper and Carnelian Mala

$ 120.00

8mm Dragon Blood Jasper, 6mm Carnelian with a few faceted Labradorite beads, a 30x40mm oval Dragon Blood Jasper guru and deep red sutra/tassel. This hand-knotted mala measures 23" from the top bead to tassel tip.

Intention:  Embolden your practice with this stunning mala design. Dragon Blood Jasper is a powerful stone that amplifies courage, determination, confidence, focus, and self-discovery. Carnelian is a bright red stone that offers warmth, joy, clarity, and concentration. There are eight, faceted Labradorite beads in this design, and Labradorite is known as the talisman of the dragon's heart. This bold, powerful mala is ideal for  meditators, healers, and wellness enthusiasts who are moving forward on their path, or who are blazing a new one.

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