Amethyst and Kashgar Garnet Mala

$ 120.00

8mm Lavender Amethyst, dark purple Amethyst, and Kashgar Garnet. 6mm Rainbow Quartz Crystal, dark purple Amethyst, and Kashgar Garnet. A 15x30mm oval Dog Tooth Amethyst guru brings this hand-knotted design full circle with purple fiesta sutra (cord) and tassel. This mala measures 22.5" from the top bead to the tassel tip. 

Intention: Bring hope, light, harmony, and alignment to your practice with this stunning mala design. The rich, earthy tones of Kashgar Garnet offer strength, safety, prosperity, and gratitude. Amethyst fosters peace, calm, spiritual wisdom, and sincerity. Rainbow Quartz harnesses all colors of the spectrum and amplifies creativity, courage, and optimism.  

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