Air Element Mala

$ 108.00

8mm Labradorite, Cracked Quartz Crystal, Porcelain Jasper; 6mm Selenite and Indigo blue Druzy Agate; 2, 10x14mm PorcelainJasper ovals framed with 2mm silver Swarovski crystals (at bead #27 and #82) and a 15x30mm Blue Goldstone oval guru with white thread and tassel. This knotted mala measures 23" from top of the mala to tassel tip.

Intention: off! This mala, inspired by the element of Air, is uplifting, motivating, and perfect for unblocking and removing negative energies. This mala fosters joy, patience, peace, strength, and confidence. Raise your consciousness, amplify your intuition, and navigate change with grace. Expand your heart, mind, and practice with this elegant design.

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