Body, Speech, and Mind: A Trio of Quarter Malas

$ 108.00

A trio of quarter malas, each including 27 beads (1/4 of 108) plus guru and tassel.

Body: Rainbow Tiger Eye Quarter Mala with alternating 8mm and 6mm Rainbow Tiger Eye beads with 14mm carved purple resin rose guru and light purple sutra and tassel. 

Speech: Red Tiger Eye and Pink Czech Glass Quarter Mala with 8mm Red Tiger Eye beads (top bead is framed with 4mm pink Swarovski crystal bicone beads) and 6mm pink pearlescent Czech glass beads with red 12mm bicone Swarovski crystal guru and variegated pink sutra and tassel.

Mind: Rainbow Plated Agate Quarter Mala with 8mm pink and blue faceted Rainbow-plated Agate and 6mm star-cut Quartz Crystal beads and 12mm clear bicone Swarovski crystal guru and dove gray sutra and tassel.

Intention: This trio of quarter malas includes beads that foster clarity, focus, grounding stability, joy, harmony, confidence, courage, clear communication, equanimity, determination, and universal love. These lovelies are designed for practice, and they are perfect for sharing with others during this Holiday Season.

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