Botswana Agate and Golden Obsidian Mala

$ 108.00

8mm Botswana Agate, faceted Fire Agate (framed with 4mm bicone Swarovski crystals), faceted Madagascar Agate; 6mm Ice Obsidian, Botswana Agate,  and tangerine crystal beads. The 15x30mm oval Golden Obsidian guru brings the design full circle with variegated orange sutra and tassel. This knotted mala measures 23" from the top of the mala to the tassel tip. 

Intention: The warm and comforting hues of Botswana Agate (aka The Sunset Stone) are reminders that we are love and compassion in action. This mala contains three types of agate beads, which foster creativity, healing, focus, and energy. The protective properties of Golden Obsidian help deflect negativity and promote healing. Let your own unique purpose shine with this beautiful mala design.

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