Blue Agate and Aquamarine Mala

$ 108.00

8mm and 6mm Blue Agate; 6mm Aquamarine beads with 20mm hand-painted ceramic guru with navy blue floral pattern and navy sutra (cord) and tassel. This hand-knotted  mala measures 21" from the top bead to the tassel tip.  

Intention: Bring soothing, calming support and energy to your practice with this beautiful mala design. Blue Agate fosters clear communication, wisdom, loyalty, and truth. It amplifies clarity, balance, and protective, grounding energies. The banding patterns and layers of color range from midnight blue, sapphire, azure, to milky, opalescent slate. Aquamarine fosters courage, creativity, compassion, and calming energies. The hand-painted guru brings this elegant design full circle.  

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