Mookaite Jasper with Heart Mala

$ 108.00

8mm Mookaite Jasper; 6mm Goldstone, Blue Tiger Eye, and soft gold crystals; two,10x14mm oval Mookaite Jasper beads mark the quarter and three-quarter mark of the mala. A Mookaite Jasper heart pendant functions as the primary guru of this design. Because the guru is a pendant, the tassel, which is a very important part of the mala design (signifies one's connection to Source and universal connection) can be worn behind the neck. It is possible to wear this design with the tassel in the front and the heart pendant resting behind the neck. In this case, the 8mm Goldstone bead attached to the tassel could function as the guru as well. So, there are two guru beads in this design and two possible ways to wear this mala. This hand-knotted mala includes navy blue sutra (cord) and tassel. It measures 23" from the tip of the heart guru to the tassel tip.

Intention: Mooka means "running waters." Mookaite Jasper is native to Western Australia. These earthy brown, cream, mustard, and red beads offer strength, vitality, courage, and grounding, soothing protection to this design. Blue Tiger Eye amplifies clear communication, and Goldstone fosters ambition, drive, and a positive attitude. Add some heart to your personal practice with this lovely, versatile design.

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