Water Element Mala

$ 108.00

8mm Blue Crazy Lace Agate, Amazonite, Grey Wood (framed with iridescent green seed beads), two rectangular Chrysocolla beads framed with 4mm Swarovski crystals (at the quarter and three-quarter mark of the design), 6mm matte Quartz Crystal, 15x30mm oval Turritella Agate guru with sea blue thread and tassel. This knotted mala measures 24” from tassel tip to edge of guru.

 Intention: Inspired by the element of water, this design fosters clear communication, creative expression, empowerment, courage, and harmony. Quartz Crystal is a master healing stone that amplifies energy and intention. Turritella Agate is the "Survivor Stone," and the ancient fossilized sea creatures embedded in this guru have strength, protection, and wisdom to offer. Amazonite fosters soothing, calming energy, and Blue Crazy Lace Agate is all about joy. Go with the flow in your practice and navigate life's changes with ease with this stunning design.

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