Akhnaten Mala

$ 120.00

8mm Lapis Lazuli, Cuprite, faceted Fire Agate; 6mm faceted Smoky Quartz and copper Czech glass beads with hexagonal African Sodalite guru and fire orange sutra and tassel. This knotted mala measures 22" from the top beads to the tassel tip (See Also: Akhnaten Quarter Mala).

Intention: Inspired by the ancient Egyptian pharaoh and the Metropolitan Opera's production of Akhnaten, this design is bursting with regal colors and elegance. Make a powerful impression and add a bold pop of color to your practice with this beautiful mala. This design fosters creativity, passion, motivation, and courage. It also promotes connection to the earth as well as divine energies, manifesting intentions, wisdom, self-acceptance, and emotional calm. Harness the intensity of the sun while remaining rooted and grounded in the energy of the earth with this royal mala design.

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